Monday, 19 March 2012

Self Acceptance Workshop near Calgary

As I settle into Calgary and start exploring the learning options, I am increasingly thrilled with what I find. Whether I am looking for parenting workshops, art, recreation or personal growth, there is something available. As much as I miss living in a smaller town, opportunities were a bit more limited. And I know I am just beginning to scratch the surface of what is available in and around this city.

As a woman I find it rare to find a woman who is not critical of her body. As a parent to a preteen I am hyper-conscious of body talk and continue to strive to be accepting of my ageing body- not always an easy task. (I now know why yoga pants are often Capri length- who knew knees sagged with age?!)  So I was thrilled to see and have signed up for this workshop in nearby Cochrane, hosted by a yoga instructor who comes highly recommended by a friend.

 If you are interested in this workshop, visit the site

Are you accepting of your body as it is today?


  1. I laughed at your capri comment, I don't even wear shorts in the summer any more and skirts with tights only. I'm also so pale I'm almost blue and nobody needs to see that. Otherwise with age has come acceptance and now I look back at pictures of me in my twenties and I think WHAT was I complaining about?

  2. Nicely put Claire. I see my daughter- who people say is a mini me- and think- how could I not have known I was so beautiful? Having lost friends at early ages I try to accpet & appreciate every mark of age I've earned :-)