Thursday, 22 March 2012

YMCA Camps a place to have the time of your life

YMCA Camp Chief Hector

We have signed up for a family weekend at Camp Chief Hector, located about an hour from Calgary. Not only will it be a great way to bond with some family friends who have also moved west, it will help us reconnect with a long-standing family tradition.

YMCA Camp Wanakita

One of the family traditions we have missed since moving west is our annual week at YMCA Camp Wanakita in Ontario.  For six summers (at least) we did the long, family car ride to visit my husband's family in Ontario then spent a week with cousins, old friends and great new friends experiencing the wonder of family camp.

closing and opening campfires were a huge hit

I never went to camp as a kid but read lots of books where the protagonist did and I dreamt of camp. So I was thrilled when we first went- I think the kids were too small to even grasp the concept before we checked in.  Family camp is just like residential camp for kids- rustic bunks, tons of activities to sign up for and meals in the noisy dining hall, but the entire family goes. It is the best way to visit with family and friends- a rustic all-inclusive. I am curious to see the difference with a mountain experience this year.


  1. Hi Sue,

    How was your Camp Chief Hector YMCA family weekend? We would love to hear all about your experience.

    1. Our weekend is not booked until September. Funny you should comment this week- as it is OUR week at Wanakita- which we truly miss.