Wednesday, 22 February 2012

East meets west

Maple syrup is quintessentially Canadian, but in my mind it is associated with eastern Canada. So I was surprised to get a request from my daughter's school to come and volunteer for a maple syrup event. If there were sugar maples anywhere near Calgary, I had certainly missed seeing them.

There is no sweeter treat than fresh warm maple syrup poured on clean snow where it cools to maple taffy, scooped up with a stick. In my former New Brunswick town, it was a regular school trip every spring to visit the small maple syrup operation nearby on the Kingston Peninsula.

Although today's event was held on a basketball court with tables of crushed ice subbing for snow, students were still amazed as they rolled up their all-natural treat. Hosted by a charming, older Quebecois couple, French music played in the background and some students joined in on the spoons. For a few minutes these western children got a taste of eastern Canadian culture.

Now, if we can we get them to adopt snow days.....


  1. My friends Mom used to make those for us for fun in the winter and I haven't had that in years! What great memories this brings back.

  2. Yes, they are yummy & a true taste of Canadian childhood!

  3. Maple syrup snow? What a cool idea! I've only recently started adding maple syrup to my oatmeal and love it. It's not a big deal in Germany (we use more honey I think) and somehow it's taken me forever to actually enjoy maple syrup.

  4. Funny, I am the opposite- only starting to like honey as an adult. Wonder if you could make honey taffy?