Sunday, 5 February 2012

False spring in the air puts a spring in your step

The recent warm weather in Calgary makes me wonder, where has winter gone? It was only a few months ago the local paper was predicting the coldest winter in ages.  I am by no mean complaining. The spring-like weather is fantastic as evidenced by the number of people out walking, biking and running, smiling all the while.

My daughter mentioned her excitement over spring while waiting for the bus the other day. I hated to remind her that spring is actually weeks away. As much as I too would love this people-friendly weather to stay, it was later than this when we moved to Calgary last year and the February to April (or was it May we had the last snow?) winter of 2011 was longer, colder and snowier than any I recalled living through when I last called Calgary home.

Just another reminder to love in the moment and absorb this false spring as long as it lasts. It may be as fleeting as youth.


  1. Last year was longer and colder than usual. I have a scooter and usually I can get it out mid/end of March. HOPING that's the case this year as well!

  2. A scooter- cool. Let us hope we are scootering & biking in March :-)