Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fishing shacks a staple of NB winters

When I lived in southern New Brunswick, I was astounded at the number of ice fishing shack villages that sprang up as soon as the ice was sufficiently thick. Some were handmade, some downright fancy- the extreme example of a "man cave".

I was always a tad nervous about snowshoeing or walking the dog on the frozen river but would use the fish shack village, complete with streets where the fishermen parked their bi, heavy trucks, as a reassurance that surely the ice could hold me if could support that entire mini town.

Apparently the ice fishing shack experience is available in Alberta on Gull Lake,  located between Calgary and Edmonton. City Slickers can join in the fun by contacting a local outfitter for day or overnight use.

As much as I enjoy my city lake where I can skate, walk and ice fish (sans shack)- I do miss the shack villages of my former home. So maybe a drive by Gull Lake is in order.


  1. I had no idea there were ice fishing huts in Alberta, I always assumed it was an eastern Canada thing. Somehow I think it would be more picturese in New Brunswick than on Gull Lake :)

  2. I too thought it was an eastern thing. Are you saying Gull Lake is not so pretty?