Friday, 9 December 2011

Customer service in the medical field- lab services

Yesterday I had an appointment for bloodwork and ten minutes before I had to leave I thought- where is my requisition? Of course the more hurried I felt, the more frazzled my brain became. I hate to be late. Then I remembered technology and called my doctor's office and they faxed the requisition to the lab. Within twenty minutes I arrived and was promptly served without a glitch.

I hear many complaints about our health care system but my experience yesterday reminded me how much I appreciated Calgary Laboratory Services. They have sites in multiple areas throughout the city, extended hours, online booking. My son who has diabetes does not have to miss school for bloodwork as they are open on the weekends. He might disagree that this is a benefit. But having lived in smaller places where you have two options for bloodwork and usually have to wait ages for appointments I think CLS provides great service.

To add to that, there was an error on the labels for my blood work as I am one of those silly people who go by their middle name and this causes great confusion for certain systems. The woman helping me very graciously sorted out the error and apologised for the delay (the whole experience was maybe 10 minutes from arriving to departing).  I left feeling happy for such a positive encounter which set the tone for my interactions all day.


  1. Isn't it amazing how a good experience can make your whole day? My Mom gets blood work done once and month and just from her experience I think the system runs really well.

  2. Maybe if we as a society praised what is done well instead of always commenting on the negative, we'd see more of the great stuff.