Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Loving the multiculturalism of our new city

 I know some people have the impression that Calgary is not a very multicultural place, but that impression would be out of date. Returning almost a decade later I have noticed a marked increase in the diversity in the city. What a wonderful experience for our children to be exposed to and develop tolerance for other cultures.

Today my son's school gym was transformed with bright posters, some children in their traditional costumes and long tables laden with foods from the grade five students' homelands. In our case it was croissants as my son claimed our French heritage ( a bit far back but still valid ). What a fascinating variety of foods. Delightful to see the children sharing in such a way with their friends. Some of his friends said to me- have you tried my food yet with obvious pride.

The connection with the food seemed to break down barriers and open up dialogue between parents as we were there celebrating our cultures, making it OK to ask questions that might seem awkward in other situations.

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  1. What a great way to promote sharing and education about different cultures! Food really does do wonders.