Friday, 13 January 2012

And Then it Happened Author Visits Calgary

I was thrilled to hear that Michael Wade, coauthor of the "and Then it Happened" books is visiting some Calgary schools. Unfortunately he is not at my child's school so I cannot sneak in to hear his presentation.

Aimed at readers grades 3-6, this series follows the hilarious adventures (or is that misadventures?) of three friends, Gordon, Paulo & I (who is never named).  Another volunteer librarian introduced me to this series a few years ago and I began reading them aloud to my children. Let me say, they are not just for kids. I do not know if anyone can read them without chuckling.

Back in NB I used to read to my daughter's class and it was a delight to see Grade 5 boys clapping their hands when they saw what I was going to read. Now that is a powerful endorsement.

If you have a reluctant reader in your house, or are simply looking for some fun, family reading, I highly recommend this series. Each book and chapter is a stand alone story, but the hilarity is heightened when you read them in sequence as these boys do not learn from past calamities!

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