Tuesday, 24 January 2012

YA Author I am currently reading

I started reading Junior and Young Adult novels as a way to preview books for my children. One of my children is a reluctant  reader, so my hunt for great material is doubly important. I cringe when I hear, "I don't like reading." My comeback is always, you have not found the right book yet.

A friend introduced me to the work of award-winning, Canadian author Valerie Sherrard and I am hooked. Above is a sample of some of her books. Having fostered over 70 teens in her home and run a group home for teens, this woman "gets" teens and their issues. Her writing respects their viewpoint and her characters feel real.

I read aloud to my daughter, her Junior novel Tumbleweed Skies and confess I cried through most of the latter part of the book. It had an Anne of Green Gables-feel that I adored.

I just finished reading three of her Shelby Belgarden mysteries that I gave my daughter for Christmas. The author now lives in my home city of Miramichi, so I felt a sense of connection with the setting, although it is not necessarily Miramichi. Speechless was another engaging Sherrard novel that I read but the topic was a bit harsh for my sheltered pre-teen, so it is on her shelf for future reading.

Next up are Sam's Light and Kate, which I found in the bargain bin at the local Chapter's store. I'm curious if other readers go on an author binge once they discover an author they enjoy.

And I'm always happy to hear recommendations.

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