Monday, 23 January 2012

Calgary plans active communities well

After a week of hibernating to escape the biter cold, we ventured to our local lake which transforms its activities according to the season. While the rest of my family zoomed down the sliding hill, I soaked in the joy of skating around the lake. As I glided along greeting many other smiling faces (both young and old), I felt  gratitude for planners who built such jewels in a city. It brought back many happy memories of skating as a child and teen. In the small town where I grew up the outdoor skating rink was a social centre.

We relocated to this bigger city of Calgary almost a year ago and I am pleased to say that our quality of life has remained. My husband has a five- kilometre commute to work, much shorter in fact than when we lived in a small, New Brunswick town. Across the street from us we have access to swimming and playgrounds in the summer and sliding and skating in winter.

On sunny, warm winter days like yesterday it is easy to embrace winter. This week, I plan to skate as much as I can- the gym will be still be waiting for me next week. In Calgary you never know how long the nice weather will last.


  1. I haven't been skating in years, I think I need to make plans to go!

  2. I find I am so enjoying things that remind me of my joy in childhood. And by the smiles yesterday I am not alone.

  3. Skating reminds me of my childhood as well and I love an outdoor rink. I haven't been in a few years but your post makes me want to go this year at least once.

  4. Do it Laurel, you will feel like you are flying.