Thursday, 24 November 2011

A different kind of snow angel in Calgary

My envy about the snow day on the east coast must have caught the attention of the snow gods as I woke to a light dusting of snow this morning. Not enough to make a snow angel or cancel school; just enough to shovel the sidewalk and drive. With the snow comes one of those glorious vast, blue Alberta sky days. It was refreshing to shovel as the kids waited for the bus.

Reminded me of signs I have seen for Calgary's Snow Angel program which encourages neighbours to shovel for elderly neighbours or those unable to do so. What a great idea. Apparently Calgary was the first city in North America to promote such a program and many others are following suit.

I have elderly neighbours on one side and noticed today their drive was not shovelled so I did it. Usually the man is up cleaning before we are out. I hope he will not be offended by my efforts.

If it snows where you live think about becoming a snow angel. If it doesn't snow where you live, after you give thanks, think about what other action could you take to help your neighbour.


  1. My Mom's neighbor often does her driveway and walk for her. Not only my Mom but I am so grateful to the Snow Angel next door, Mom is getting up there and not having to worry about her outside shoveling is a huge relief. Big THANKS to anyone who is a Snow Angel!

  2. I grew up in a small town and my dad has been a Snow Angel as long as I can remember. Mind you there he has to do it with a blower as they get a lot of snow.

  3. Oh Sue your father is definatly a snow angel!! (wish he lived closer haha). We had a blast of snow last night delaying our trip so Ron was out in the dark this a.m. shovelling so we could take off very early for the w/e. He will have to be the neighbors snow angel later this winter. Working with seniors makes me appreciate all those angels!!

  4. Such a wonderful idea. My mom was very sick a few years ago and her neighbors took turns shoveling her driveway. It had such an impact on her life and she is still grateful for all the help they gave her that winter. So nice that you helped your neighbor out. I'm sure he will appreciate it very much.