Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Missing snow days in my new city

Every time I relocate to a new city or town there are things I miss about my former home. But as a Canadian I was not prepared to miss the "snow day", at least not in a winter city like Calgary. Alas, I am reminded they never cancel school here.

So yesterday when I read on Facebook that children of my eastern friends were wearing inside out PJs to bed in an attempt to woo the snow gods, I was a bit nostalgic for snow days. Last winter in NB we had one snow day per week from the Christmas holidays until mid February. My children thought we had switched to a four day week.

I have many fond memories of snow days, as a mom as well as a child. Kids wake happily and are outdoors cavorting in it: the same children who can barely be dragged out of bed on a normal school day. There are the forts, the snowball fights, a street filled with kids playing until their snowsuits are wet through. It is topped off by hot chocolate while the snowsuits are dried and then repeated.

I am so happy my children got to experience this Canadian rite of passage.  Reminded me of Rick Mercer's rant about snow days- check it out.

If you have recently moved, what do you miss about your former home?


  1. Snow days sound like a great concept! We got those super-rarely in Germany and in the summer once every blue moon we'd get a day off for hear - not that it ever got hot-hot, but with no AC it felt bad. Here in West Texas we sometimes get off for... rain :) There's no drainage system in town, so if it rains everything floods and nobody can drive.

  2. I can see a day off due to heat- had never heard of the rain issue, but that makes sense.

  3. I am all for snow days, heat days, rain days ... any day goofing off with my kids is a great day!

  4. We had snow days when I was a kid, but we still had to usually go to school, then the announcements would start coming for certain buses. Unfortunately I lived in town, so rarely got a snow day, but I think a snow day every now and then is a good idea.

  5. Guess these impromptu days off are great for the mental health of all :-)