Friday, 4 November 2011

Food Friday-ginger chews

Today's plan was to join a visiting relative downtown for breakfast today and I thought I could review that restaurant. But the snowy, slippery roads made us abandon that plan after sliding around with commuters who actually had to be on the roads. Apparently the all season tires on the new car are not for all the seasons in Calgary!

The snow- first of the season for Calgary -has me feeling like I need something wintry, so this afternoon my daughter & I are going to bake Ginger Chews, from the cookbook, Spilling the Beans. I also have the pizza dough rising for dinner (last Friday's post).

I just purchased the cookbook yesterday and it looks amazing. Plenty of ways to add more beans and grains to recipes. My picky son will be the real critic- we shall see if the beans sneak by his taste buds!

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  1. Yum! These remind me of cookies I used to have as a kid...will look for the cookbook.

    Am really enjoying your blog - made me think you should start an online club for trailing spouses like the real world Red Hat Society for older women.

  2. Thanks- good idea about an online club!

  3. Oh I love ginger cookies, how did they turn out?

  4. Claire- could not make them as I had no molasses- apparently I did not restock that in the pantry after the move. Funny, as it is made in NB, so I always seemed to have it back there. Hope to make them this week.

  5. They look delicious. Ginger chews are my favorite type of cookie. Let us know how they turn out.

  6. Finally made them today- four children have approved. Hoping the hidden beans will help keep blood sugars stable for my son who has diabetes.