Monday, 21 November 2011

Repeat relocators meet again

 On Friday night I attended the birthday party for the child of a friend who recently relocated from New Brunswick. It feels slightly odd seeing friends in what I feel are my new surroundings as they are part of my other life. A bit like when you were a child and saw a teacher out in the community and were shocked to learn they were people with lives outside of school. Don't get me wrong, the reconnecting it is wonderful. In  fact at that party I had two friends who have relocated to Calgary.

I quickly realized that most of the remaining people at the party knew the hosting couple from yet another relocation. Interesting to watch the closeness of that bond. When you are parachuted into a strange place as a trailing spouse the people you often connect with are others in the same situation. A domestic variation of the expat experience.

Often I have felt like a bit of a people collector, adding to my Christmas card list as I move from place to place. One friend teased me that if it were not for me she could live her life with only one address book.  Obviously only some of the people you meet will stay in your life as you move around because maintaining friendships is challenging. But as a trailing spouse it makes me happy to know that paths may cross again and again.

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  1. I hear you on the address book, since we've moved a lot more than you! Four kiddos, one born in different country and three in different States, does make for a huge card list :) Speaking of cards what's your snail mail? Speaking of moving Kevin just had an offer in Alpena, MI; however, we decided against it. The housing market here in the States is the pits...