Thursday, 10 November 2011

Litter apprears to be a national problem

My children tell me I have many pet peeves as I often start a rant with "pet peeve"- including family members leaving a trail of their things behind them as they roam through the house. Hopefully my nagging will help them learn to pick up after themselves in the house. But what about the people who feel entitled to leave a trail of their coffee cups, food wrappers, slushy containers, cigarette packs on the grounds? Litter bugs.

I had a walking route in New Brunswick that I calculated had a one Tim Horton's coffee cup per kilometre. On my walks I would pick up as many as possible, surely every little bit helps. On today's walk in Calgary I again noticed the prevalence of Tim Horton's cups. Obviously not the company's fault- but who discards garbage onto their neighbourhood streets? I am sure that is not how their mother raised them.

Who do they think is coming behind them to pick up (me?). My daughter suggested me picking up garbage doesn't teach them a lesson. If it does not teach the litter bugs, it may inspire others to take a pause and pick up just a few pieces to keep their neighbourhoods clean. There is no litter fairy people!

Came across this 2009 reverse psychology campaign in Nova Scotia. Would like to see this go national.

Is litter a problem where you live?


  1. I can't believe what People throw away, I couldn't imagine just tossing a cup into the street. I like the "Please Litter" ad!

  2. It is truly a crazy behaviour to me!