Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Building new health care relationships in a new city

After moving to a new city there are many new relationships you must cultivate; from a dentist to a new hairdresser. Some of these are easier to develop than others. I do miss my hairstylist!

If you or your children have medical conditions, as mine do, health care providers are key. We were lucky to find a family doctor soon after we arrived, thanks in large part to my former family doctor. She had promised to take me back upon return, but then we had both expected me to be gone for three, not nine years! Her practice was full to overflowing so she gave me a tip on a new practice opening and we have secured a fine family doctor.

Other health care relationships seem more "arranged"; as our case with the diabetes team who will help care for my son. Today was our second visit to Alberta Children's Hospital. It feels a bit like a dating relationship as it takes time for both parties to get to know each other. For the diabetes team they need to get to know the family as well as my son, as diabetes affects and is affected by the whole family.

The team here seems knowledgeable and supportive and the facility is amazing. When we lived here previously, the new hospital was only in the discussion phase. For me it is a true blessing to never have to enter the doors of the old Children's Hospital where we lived when our daughter was undergoing cancer treatment. A fresh start in so many ways.

Having a team to support us is a huge relief after living here for several months feeling stranded without medical back. Now I have experts who I can call when things get wonky- as they unfortunately do at times with diabetes.  It is another important step in settling back into this city.


  1. I am so happy to see that you have been writing! Just noticed your link on facebook and now I have lots to catch up on. I signed up for e-mail notification going forward. I think it's wonderful that you are sharing your settling in experiences and it will be interesting to reflect upon later- once you you are well and truly settled :) xo

  2. Thanks. I can see the blog may have to morph a bit as I get more settled. But it is fun!

  3. Having good doctors is crucial to feeling settled in a new place and I could only imagine that it would be 100x more so when it's your children. I've had knee problems here and ended up having knee surgery and had the problem with language since while most doctors speak good English, the medical vocabulary can be trickier. Glad to hear that you're making good progress.

  4. Oh Laurel, I can only imagine the medical issues with language and cultural barriers. That knee surgery hopefully will not keep you from your adventures too long!