Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Famous Trailing Spouse

Several friends had suggested I would enjoy the movie Julie & Julia, but it was not until the long Thanksgiving weekend that I happened across the movie on TV. I am so not a cook I could not imagine the draw of a  movie about Julia Child.

I confess I loved the movie.When I saw Meryl Streep playing Julia Child and learned about her experience in France as a trailing spouse and the resulting need to find something to "do", my husband and I laughed out loud. That is me relocating to Calgary as a stay at home trailing spouse. I am looking, like Julia, to find something for me. In the movie she explores Bridge, which I confess has crossed my mind even though I am just slightly above Go-Fish in card playing ability. So guess I am looking for my version of Cordon Bleu.

The other character is a blog writer, a new thing for me which is a fun learning experience. So the movie resonated on many levels.

Seeking my inner Julia! Seeking my next passion.

Julie & Julia

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  1. I loved this movie as well! When I moved to Munich for my husband, our deal was that I was going to do something I enjoyed, not get a job just for the sake of it. It's been an easier transition than I would have thought, since I now work as a freelance travel blogger/writer. When I see how miserable some of my fellow German students/recent immigrants are in German class, I can see that being passionate about something makes the transition so much easier and life much more enjoyable and who knows what great things may come of it!