Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Can I call Calgary home?

Just arrived back in Calgary after a great family week in California. As we exited the plane in Calgary, I confess I had mixed emotions - about more than leaving that great weather! Technically we live here now, but it felt strange to see it as coming home. Is it simply that we have only been here about seven months?
Perhaps it is more than that. After relocating several times, which place is home? The place where I grew up? The place I lived the longest as an adult? The most recent place? This place I am returning to? My sense of place and context feels wobbly.
I am hopeful that now my DH has started work here, we will begin to feel that the whole family has moved to Calgary and we can start truly settling in.


  1. You lived in Calgary before right? I too found it interesting to note your hesitation in "coming home". I will keep reading to see what revelations you have. You are a great wife!

  2. Of course you can call Calgary home! Hope you settle in and maybe all the friends you're making blogging will make you forget feeling lonely.

  3. I have learned my dear friend, that home is where you tuck your children in at night and where you wake them up with a gentle kiss. As a trailing spouse, home truly is where the heart is!

  4. Yes, for sure Anne home is where the family is. But that is different than feeling connected to a city and feeling as if you want to stay. What is different for YOU this time?