Sunday, 23 October 2011

Celebrating milestones helps settling in process

Today we are celebrating my husband's birthday. Now each of us has celebrated a birthday in the new city and new house. Wow, that is shocking to me, just another indicator of how quickly times passes; yet some days it feels that we have just relocated. I suppose still having boxes to unpack adds to that!

Every special occasion helps us establish new traditions and feel grounded into our new life. The bittersweet part is it reminds us of what we have left behind; but there is something rejuvenating about examining our lives and asking- what traditions do we want to start? We don't "need" to keep any that no longer suit us.

We are already thinking ahead to Christmas. I'd love to hear if anyone has created any new family traditions they want to share.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Our biggest family tradition was we always got a new pair of pajama's and a book on Christmas Eve (I think so we would look respectable in the pictures the next morning and the book was to keep us quiet while waiting for Santa).