Thursday, 6 October 2011

Small connections in a new city

After speaking with several trailing spouses who moved from New Brunswick to varied locations it seems they all found leaving that small city particularly difficult. Although for me it meant leaving extended family once again to return to Calgary, I wonder if the commonality that made it so difficult is that sense of community that arises more quickly in a smaller setting. I recall arriving in NB and my husband asked if I knew people there as I had grown up about three hours north. What he was commenting on was the eastern wave that neighbours who haven't met you yet give as they drive by.

That quickly translated to the repeated encounters I had with people. It seemed as soon as I met a person I would see them in many local places. Even strangers started to feel familiar and I'd find myself asking, where do I know that person from? Swimming lesson? Church? The grocery store?

Relocating to Calgary has me looking for that sense of familiarity. I have joined the gym and in a short time the instructors and some participants now look familiar. I do have all the gym equipment I need in the basement, but it is the connection with others I am seeking as well as the endorphins. After my class today I went to the drug store and as always happens, found myself in the magazine section, browsing and promising not to buy. I love magazines. As I was having that internal struggle- can I really justify buying another cooking magazine- a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said oh this is my favourite place- I have a magazine addiction you know. This led to a lovely chat, one of those oddly intimate moments you sometimes have with strangers that made me feel connected.


  1. I have a magazine addiction as well and funny how many people will chat at the magazine rack. Glad you're getting out and connecting with people!

  2. My magazine addiction is so bad that I subscribe to 3 different magazines (and that's with self-control) from the U.S., even though with mailing it's expensive. It's how I feel "at home" and if I've had a hard day, nothing beats opening the mail box and discovering a little piece of "home" there.