Thursday, 20 October 2011

Literature can help you prepare for a relocation

The other day I wrote about reading as a way to connect to your old home after a relocation.  I am an avid reader and like to research whatever topic is currently captivating me. My husband jokes I will only follow an interest that has a library to support it. Makes sense to me.  If you are not actively participating in your passion you can be reading about it!

Coincidentally, as I was packing up my house in NB and getting ready to relocate to Calgary, CBC Reads announced the picks for 2011, one of which was The Bone Cage, set in Calgary. Not only was it a great story about the physical, emotional and spiritual costs of high level sports (in this case wrestling and swimming), but it helped me feel connected to the city where I would soon be unpacking.

So if you are preparing to move across the country or across the world, perhaps reading some fiction set in your new home might help get a feel for the new locale, in a more intimate way than simply researching the facts.

To check out The Bone Cage, below is a link to Angie Abdou's homepage. You will feel like you are in the wrestling matches and the pool.

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