Monday, 31 October 2011

More candy per hour makes new city a hit

Happy Halloween! In our house this holiday is loved by one child, loathed by the other. While one is dressing as Jason, the serial killer and hopes to see as many ghouls and as much gore as he can; the other is forcing herself to trick or treat simply for the candy.

Our neighbour, who also relocated from New Brunswick said her children noticed how much more candy they received trick or treating in this neighbourhood. Ah yes, the benefit of higher density living- shorter drives, more houses per street equals more loot for the walking investment. Such news has my two extra excited about the night's venture. And the reluctant one hoping she can fill that bag quickly enough to avoid the really scary creatures in costume!

Another "first" in our new city continues the process of making this home.


  1. What a cute picture! I don't have kids and dressing up my dogs for Halloween seems a little to strange...they would enjoy the candy though;)
    Have an awesome, starbright scary Halloween!

  2. THanks- it's an older photo but one of my faves. The kids wanted to dress the puppy up- but I suggested we save the money for a sweater for winter! He seemed to enjoy the light fluffy snow this morning.

  3. Cute photo. Hope your kids were happy with the return! I feel sorry for the kids in Germany, no trick or treating. We went to a Halloween Party on Saturday and there were maybe 10 people dressed up out of 500+, but we still had fun. I think it's fun to be silly once a year.

  4. We too went to a work Halloween event last weekend & dressed up- here about 99% were dressed up. Fun to try on a new persona for a bit!