Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ten Years Later Paths Cross again

I am always appreciative when synchronicity enters my life. When I am open and paying attention it does so more frequently. This past weekend marked our first Thanksgiving back in Calgary after our recent relocation. In addition to the usual occasion to express our sense of gratitude, Thanksgiving heralds many family memories. Our daughter was born on Thanksgiving, here in Calgary, twelve years ago. Now that is a day of gratitude! Although I did miss my turkey dinner that year.

Eleven years ago our Calgary thanksgiving was a very sombre event as our daughter battled a rare form of leukemia and was in ICU that weekend. We were fearful but grateful that year that she was still fighting for life as the docs had not been optimistic when we started down the treatment several weeks earlier.

This year we are back in Calgary, trying to form new family traditions, yet all of us keenly missing our most recent Thanksgiving tradition we shared with family and cousins at a NB family cottage. We were blessed to be invited to Canmore, the beautiful mountain town where my husband has extended family.

As we were driving to the dinner we passed a couple walking. My brain thought hmm, that woman looks familiar and as soon as that thought formed, my husband turned to me and said, I think that is Dr. B (the oncologist who orchestrated our daughter's leukemia treatment). So we turned the van around and pulled alongside her. It was a powerful meeting for us as this woman was vital to the most intense year of our lives and we are eternally grateful to her and the many amazing people we met on the cancer journey. We gave thanks for crossing paths again with Dr. B, but happily in a beautiful mountain setting.


  1. What a wonderful story and I'm sure Dr. B was thrilled to see you as well. Funny how people's paths cross.

  2. Amazing...so glad you had that experience and that it happened on Thanksgiving!!